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For enquiries about Luxalon Linear Ceilings and Sun Control, please contact:
Concept Metal Ceilings
No.1 Unit 3 Grange Road Leumeah NSW 2560
Ph: +61 415 914 710
Web: www.conceptmetalceilings.com.au


For inquiries about Luxalon Baffle Ceilings, please contact:
Ceilings by Design
17 Bonz Place, Seven Hills, NSW, 2147
Ph: 02 9620 9655
Web: www.ceilingsbydesign.com.au

For inquiries about Luxalon Inverted Rib and Ceiling 84R, please contact:
Marco Perez, TProjects
Ph: +61 40 604 5143
Web: www.tprojects.com.au


Fill out the form below to get in touch with a Hunter Douglas Architectural representative.

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Quiet achievement

Qmotion Technology for roller blinds was designed with a focus on delivering unbelievable quietness at an affordable price. The battery is hidden inside the roller blind tube, and there are no wires or cords.

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The roller blind can be operated with or without a remote control. Without the remote control, the roller blind can be adjusted by applying a short downward pressure to the bottom bar which activates the motor and moves the roller blind to be fully open or to a pre-programmed intermediate position. When longer downward pressure is applied to the bottom bar, the blind will stay at the new lower position.

With the one or six channel remote control, blinds can be individually or group controlled, and for automation projects, the Qmotion Qconnect box enables central control of Qmotion blinds.

Product Details

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Key features

  • Installation is simple – no wires to run, no special tools required and no hard-to-find proprietary batteries.
  • Clean appearance without wires or cords.
  • Symmetrical light gaps at only 11mm on each side.
  • Super quiet operation.
  • Compatibility with a range of home automation systems.
  • Multiple control options: the shade can be operated by a remote control or moved by hand to a desired position manually.
  • Long battery life (up to 5 years) on standard alkaline batteries.
  • Surface dust may be removed with a gentle brush, feather duster or clean, dry cloth.
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With the addition of Qsync technology, it’s easier to move Qmotion blinds move up and down than sending a text message. Qsync works with the Qmotion App, available in your app store. It transforms a smartphone or tablet into a transmitter for Qmotion Blinds.

  • Download the latest version of the software from the iOS app store or Google Play for Android.
  • Smartphone and tablet control from many units on the same Qsync network system.
  • Plug Qsync into the network, and it sends Qmotion commands as a standard transmitter would.
  • Use names to identify windows, groups or zones.
  • Create groups of blinds that can be controlled with the app.
  • Control up to 450 blinds or groups from each Qsync.
  • Set up once on a single device, then the settings load to other smartphones and tablets automatically.
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  • QEdge Bracket

QEdge brackets have been developed to ensure a high-quality finish and to create a common appearance with other Edge Technology chain-operated roller blinds. Bracket sizes are 38mm, 46mm and 55mm.

QEdge brackets are available in face and side mount for standard roller blinds only, and there is a choice of four colours - white, black, grey and magnolia. Top fix and reverse roll options are not available.

  • Fascia Headbox

Our contemporary, slimline, colour-coordinated fascias enhance the form and function of a Qmotion roller blind setup. Attractive fascias conceal the roller blind system while augmenting light protection.

Choose from three colour options: white, silver and black. Fascias are vailable in reverse and standard roll.

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The general wellbeing of a building's occupants contributes to the cost benefit of sustainable design. Hunter Douglas overall shading strategy addresses daylighting, glare control, management of heat gain and general aesthetics. Each plays a key role in improving indoor environmental quality, conserving energy and supporting built environments that are comfortable, healthy, productive, and sustainable.

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Indoor Environmental Quality

Hunter Douglas is committed to meeting the growing demand for healthier, more sustainable products. Meeting the rigorous and comprehensive standards for low emissions of VOC's, our GREENGUARD® Certified and GREENGUARD® Gold Certified fabrics contribute to the overall indoor air quality and general health of a building space.

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