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Fixed Metal Awnings
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For enquiries about Luxalon Linear Ceilings and Sun Control, please contact:
Concept Metal Ceilings
No.1 Unit 3 Grange Road Leumeah NSW 2560
Ph: +61 415 914 710
Web: www.conceptmetalceilings.com.au


For inquiries about Luxalon Baffle Ceilings, please contact:
Ceilings by Design
17 Bonz Place, Seven Hills, NSW, 2147
Ph: 02 9620 9655
Web: www.ceilingsbydesign.com.au

For inquiries about Luxalon Inverted Rib and Ceiling 84R, please contact:
Marco Perez, TProjects
Ph: +61 40 604 5143
Web: www.tprojects.com.au


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Test your metal

The Hunter Douglas Architectural Metal Awning range is extensive, encompassing fixed and louvre styles. Metal Awnings can be selected to give building occupants the optimum combination of light and heat control, privacy and view to the outside. Reduction of inside temperatures in summer significantly improves interior comfort levels.

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The most effective awning material for reflecting heat is light-coloured metal. Aluminium awnings can reflect up to 90% of heat normally transmitted through a window.

Product Details

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Key features

  • Provides substantial heat control in a durable form.
  • Customised patterns provide design flexibility for large projects.
  • Seamless coordination with the exterior building design.
  • Colour co-ordinate, blend or contrast with an extensive range of colours.
  • Assists in building protection.
  • Variety of awnings styles available, including Louvred Awnings which reflect up to 90% of the heat transmitted.
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System description

Metal Louvres

  • Provide peace of mind with added security and privacy.
  • The aluminum componentry is coated to protect the awning against environmental effects, while the awning deflects the sun’s glare and heat.
  • Gives maximum light and privacy control by allowing you to manually adjust the awning panels.
  • Extremely effective for providing privacy, light control and air flow for balconies and external windows.
  • The proven HD COLOR-COTE® Paint System is extremely durable.
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Design options

Bahama Arm Support

The Bahama Arm Support is a cost-effective solution for shade over doorways and windows.

Kingston Arm and Post Support

Kingston Arm and Post Support Awnings provide shade and protection from heavy rain. They are 100% waterproof and ideal for wet areas.

Caribbean® Arm Support

The Caribbean Arm Support Awning is stylish and durable.

Sonnenblenden Awnings

The 84mm wide panels are fixed at 45 degrees, allowing greater visibility.

Sunguard Awnings

The 84mm wide panels are fixed at 65 degrees, offering high sun protection all year round.

Fixed Trinidad Awnings

Deflect the sun’s glare without sacrificing air flow, light or view. Fixed Trinidad Louvre Awnings feature wider louvres than Sonnenblenden and Sunguard.

Adjustable Trinidad Awnings

This awning provides maximum light, heat and privacy control by allowing you to manually adjust the angle of the louvres using either an external or internal winder.

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The general wellbeing of a building's occupants contributes to the cost benefit of sustainable design. Hunter Douglas overall shading strategy addresses daylighting, glare control, management of heat gain and general aesthetics. Each plays a key role in improving indoor environmental quality, conserving energy and supporting built environments that are comfortable, healthy, productive, and sustainable.

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Indoor Environmental Quality

Hunter Douglas is committed to meeting the growing demand for healthier, more sustainable products. Meeting the rigorous and comprehensive standards for low emissions of VOC's, our GREENGUARD® Certified and GREENGUARD® Gold Certified fabrics contribute to the overall indoor air quality and general health of a building space.

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