Ecoview® Plus Sunscreen

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Ecoview® Plus Sunscreen has a 2 x 2 weave construction with a 6% and 10% openness factor, providing a level of daytime privacy without compromising the view. The range comes in a broad colour palette of darks, greys and neutrals. With 16 colours to choose from, it will complement any commercial interior. 

Koolblack™ technology has been incorporated into the dark coloured screen fabrics, providing reflective properties. This feature, coupled with the other dark coloured fabric benefits, provides excellent contrast for a clear and sharp view through. Patented technology that enhances dark coloured yarn's energy reflectivity by increasing its near infrared reflection.

Available for Roller Blind, Roman Shade and Panel Glide applications, all colours meet Australian standards for colour fastness to resist fading, and does not exceed the maximum VOC.

Ecoview Plus