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Series 84
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Precision in design and acoustical performance

Known for fluid lines, versatility, and easy installation, LUXALON® Series 84 Ceiling panels provide a rounded linear aesthetic. They come in a variety of colours and finishes with perforation patterns for enhanced acoustical performance.

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LUXALON® Series 84 Ceiling Panels are rollformed from lightweight, pre-painted aluminium coil which clip onto the 84RBC carrier. The simple design and economy of the Luxalon 84 Series consists of three profiles - 84B, 84C and 84R - providing a wide range of design for interior and exterior ceilings. Effective acoustic performance for interiors can be achieved by selecting both hole perforated panels and insulation material that is added to the back of the Luxalon Series 84 Ceiling Panels.

Product Details

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Key features

  • Design flexibility: ideal for irregular shaped areas and sloping ceilings.
  • Acoustic performance: open design of the ceiling provides good acoustic absorption, which is improved with the use of insulation material layed on the back of the plain or perforated panels.
  • HD COLOR-COTE® aluminium and galvalume panels and components: high durability, requiring minimal maintenance.
  • HD COLOR-COTE® finishes: wide range of pre-finished colours available for wide choice and colour-matching.
  • Low cost: LUXALON® 84B Ceiling System are a cost-effective solution, competitive with most conventional ceiling materials.
  • Ease of installation: time on site is minimised and wet trades are eliminated, reducing disruption to other trades.
  • Lightweight: easily handled on site. Only light loads applied to the building structure.
  • Fully accessible: every panel is easily removable for access to above-ceiling services.
  • Integration of services: lighting, air-conditioning and other services can be easily integrated into the ceiling system.
  • Environmentally sustainable: materials are recyclable and made up of recycled content.
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Panels can be hole or bridge perforated for increased acoustic absorption.

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The simplicity of the LUXALON® 84B Ceiling System provides a range of design options, ideal for classrooms, libraries, laboratories, lecture theatres, assembly halls, offices and canteens. With the inclusion of an acoustic blanket, it makes a very effective acoustic ceiling. 

The Luxalon 84B Ceiling System is available in plain or perforated, and in a range of HD COLOR-COTE® finishes for wide colour choice and co-ordinated options.



The simple design and economy of the LUXALON® 84B "School Series" Ceiling is ideal for schools and education centres. The polar white, bridge-perforated ceiling panels can be used in classrooms, libraries, laboratories, lecture theatres, assembly halls, offices and canteens. 

Unrestricted channels allow a 16% open area for unwanted sound waves to flow into the absorption blanket. The perforation adds to further improve high frequency absorption.



The LUXALON® 84C Ceiling System is a closed design consisting of box-shaped panels, which can be easily clipped on an 84C carrier. The 84mm wide panels feature a 24mm wide flange that closes off the 16mm joint between the panels (module 100mm). The 12.5mm deep recessed joint provides a linear direction to the ceiling plane while being closed off from the plenum.


The HD COLOR-COTE® aluminium panels are recyclable, lightweight and robust. They are made to measure, minimising installation time and wastage. 

Panels can be joined by using the 84C panel splice. The 84C carriers are made of HD COLOR-COTE. black, 1.0mm thick aluminium with prongs to hold the panels in a module of 100mm. Carriers are connected by using the carrier splice. Customised Luxalon perimeter trims are available.



The LUXALON® 84R Linear Ceiling System is known for its attractive, fluid lines. A wide variety of design configurations can be created. The plain and ribbed panels can be used for curved feature ceilings, whereby not only the panel carrier but the panel itself can be curved for varied aesthetics. It is easy to install and maintain. 

Luxalon 84R Linear Ceilings accommodate a variety of lighting, air and sprinkler features, and provide precise directional control. A wide choice of colours and finishes are available, including anodised high-mirror finishes. Panels can be perforated for enhanced acoustics. 

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The general wellbeing of a building's occupants contributes to the cost benefit of sustainable design. Hunter Douglas overall shading strategy addresses daylighting, glare control, management of heat gain and general aesthetics. Each plays a key role in improving indoor environmental quality, conserving energy and supporting built environments that are comfortable, healthy, productive, and sustainable.

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Indoor Environmental Quality

Hunter Douglas is committed to meeting the growing demand for healthier, more sustainable products. Meeting the rigorous and comprehensive standards for low emissions of VOC's, our GREENGUARD® Certified and GREENGUARD® Gold Certified fabrics contribute to the overall indoor air quality and general health of a building space.

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